I hold my head high, and don’t care if you happen to see me cry…  I’m going to be REAL whether you like it or not.

So, The past 10 years of my life, I’ve dealt with A LOT of ups and downs… some of which could have been avoided if I had listened to my SPIRIT… from physical abuse, mental abuse, financial hardship, deceptions, loneliness, ….  But you can’t tell by looking at me …  🙂  and I thank GOD For that.

I was told by a friend, that the hardships I’ve endured since birth have prepared me for what God has for me. They have made me hurt so so so much, that I never want another to feel what I have felt and so I’m careful and tread lightly with people, whether I care about them or not.I’m aware of why he put me here and gave me writing as a gift…  TO REACH YOU.

But I wrote about that already.  This blog is about the impact we make on others lives.  How many of us take the time to smile at others or offer an encouraging word?  How many of us, GET OFF, by bringing someone else down?  I’ll wait…..

And since I’m not there with you to read your thoughts, only you know which side of the impact you are on.  Some of us are so so careless in the things we say to others and how we treat them, that we fail to see, WE may be the lingering word they were holding on.   Oh what, don’t think it’s possible?  I’m proof.  Imagine this scenario…  I’m sure you’ve heard the story before…  :The boy whom was ridiculed in High School by his peers and lived in a broken family situation. (which is more common than most realize)….  well here this boy is, we’ll call him, Robert.  Robert is walking home from school carrying his books in tow, and they all fall….  Someone comes to help Robert with a smile to pick up his books.  And that ONE GESTURE stopped Robert from committing suicide that afternoon and he shared his story at his high school graduation.  He made a friend that day his books fell, and a friend is ALL ROBERT wanted/needed.

It’s not just about him being a high school student.  Robert can be you, a woman, a man, or just someone who’s been dealt a bad deck of cards…  It can be a neighbor, a blind man in passing, someone whom always wears a smile and cracks jokes can even be ROBERT.Stop the selfishness already.  Start being selfless.  There is someone out there that may be crying out to you….  ONE GESTURE is all it takes sometimes to make a change in someone’s life.   Choose to Befriend instead of belittle.  Choose to forgive instead of Revenge.  STOP BREAKING EACH OTHER DOWN WITH YOUR PRIDE!  Sticks and Stones hurt yes, but those bruises heal, Words often times do not.  They sink in deep.  You never know what someone is going through or has been through.  Your ONE act of RANDOM KINDNESS could be the difference it makes….

Which side of the influence do you want to be on? The one to uplift or the one to destroy? We’ve enough out there in today’s world that destroys us….
You may end up helping yourself….

I know first hand, I have been Robert before.  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, our souls are there within….

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  1. Beautiful. I’ve been there, too. Could I have used more friends to “pick up my books”? Yes. But I had enough. I’m here.

    Each day is an exercise to be as present as we can with ourselves and one another. Today. It’s what we have. The moment of “now.”

    If this moment is all there is, how are you going to spend it? Judging? Hating? Hurting? Why not Listening, Caring, Empathizing, Helping, Loving? It’s just a choice. That’s all.

    There’s a commercial I’ve seen & don’t remember the product, but I do remember it starts with someone holding the door open for a stranger, then the stranger does something nice for another stranger. It all comes full circle by the end. Life isn’t a commercial. But the lesson is real. Be kind. Show loving kindness. As corny as it sounds, we really are in this together.

  2. Excellent piece Khalilah! I’m happy to have discovered your writing. You are correct in saying that each random act of kindness can make or break an individual, yet we often fail to realize our impact on each other. Thanks for shining the spotlight on this. I hope that everyone who reads, takes heed! I’ll most certainly be back for more…

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post! I can relate to Robert’s situation. I need to do more selfless acts because they are what helped me get through tough times.

    Anyways, I like your blog alot! Just stopping by and I’ll be sure to come back:-)

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