Sex, Lies, and Platonic Tape

Somehow this may offend some people, and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn..

If you’ve read any of my previous Notes/Blogs, you know me by now..and I’m allergic to Bull Shit. 🙂 And I like to smile after I say things I’m absolutely sure about.

So, I’m curious, and don’t judge a WOMAN or a MAN for liking sex as a sport. But, I however don’t. I admit, I write erotic poetry, stories, and have an imagination like you wouldn’t believe. BUUUUT that doesn’t mean everyone gets to enjoy these visions, these moments, or fantasies. I prefer to do them in Love, and have done them OUT of love.. BUUUT everyone ! EVERYONE that I have let come within 2 feet of me, Grabbed my MIND.

I didn’t chose to be this way. It just is how I am. You can be as fine as frog’s hair, but if you can’t make my mind shiver..or “wet” if you may…the rest of my body is unresponsive.

Sometimes I wonder, “What would it be like to be a “hoe”… or promiscuous”. “Is there something wrong with me, because I need to have chemistry with someone to even want their lips upon mine”?

Yes, I’m human, I’ve seen a man whom upon first sight I was like, “I want him NOW”…

Thank God, though, he said something stupid that blew it.

Buuut, in my NUMEROUS experiences of people watching, testing, and experimenting, I’ve found that Platonic friends are becoming more and more rare. Is every man just a “Dick in a box” waiting to be broken for emergency use?

It’s as if you can’t say anything to them to get them to understand “DUDE, you’re in the FRIEND ZONE”.

I’ve went as far as saying, “I’m currently intimate with someone else whom curls my toes into cramps, there’s nothing you can do for me”.

Even when I was in a relationship… Its as if most men are just pretending… to be your friend until they think the window of opportunity has opened. So yes, I admit, I LIE! I tell men I’m in a relationship to get them to leave me alone. Because I know, if he hasn’t got my attention as of yet, he will not.. I see what he’s after, and I’m NOT INTERESTED.

Before I involve myself in ANY type of a relationship, EVER AGAIN, He’s going to be my FRIEND first. He’s going to know me, candidly. And I him. He’s going to have to know my mind, before he can handle my body. Handle my feelings… I’m going to be able to talk to him about other men, and he with me about other women. Because that’s who I am. I know what I WANT. And won’t settle for less. I don’t know it, until I FEEL it. So no, I can’t tell you what it is, so that you can pretend to BE IT.

Why can’t we be friends? Why do you HAVE TO feel the need to bring up sex? then get mad when I never call again? We live in such a microwave age that everyone is sooooooooo fast. And that’s FINE for some. But when a woman or man says NO, stop! For the love of God! STOP!

Disclaimer: This is directed at both sexes. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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  1. I have friends and “girls that I haven’t fucked yet.” There is big turn over rate of the latter because like you, if there is no chemistry I can’t get down. My platonic friends are just that. Now I’m not blind and every blue moon on slow night at the club when she got on her freak’um girl dress, thoughts do go though my head… the thing is not to act upon that. I’ve lost a couple of good friends by crossing that line. Older and wiser now I know not to cross that line.

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