“Lucid Dreamer”

“Lucid Dreamer” © Khalilah-Yasmin

Even though; it has been months since I last kissed your face,
Even if I cried silently during our last warm embrace.
Even though; you never loved me back, I never loved another more,
Even if you were my heart, and treated me like your whore.

I loved you.

I loved you passed my heart, in places passed my mind;
I loved you deeply in places I wish that I could find.
For if I could find the place in me that my love resides,
I’d dig and remove you and each thread, you left behind.

But I find, you… waiting for me in my sleep,
I wake from my dream with my heart often weak.
My dreams are not sweet, my reality in denial,
in all your torment, you still bring an immaculate smile.

I loved you.
Even if you never felt the same, I’m fighting with my soul
when it calls out your name.