Heaven and Hell, Do they exist?

( I wrote and shared this 2 years ago and got some interesting feedback. I have since changed slightly….and developed more appreciation for other religions. My mind has become more open and yet still I’ve found the religious it seems are often, quite confrontational on wanting you to believe in THEIR GOD, or live life according to what THEIR pastor told them. I believe it’s something that is self discovered through one’s own spirituality. I Don’t think it should be forced. Advising someone is fine, but where is the limit?_……………)

Heaven or Hell? Do they exist?
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I’ve always been a spiritual person. I’m not sure if my environment influenced me or not. I believe in God. Period. I believe that we are all here for a purpose. But there’s sooo many different beliefs out there, how does one know which is right? I’ve met and conversed with all sorts of people. I’ve been to many churches and watched how they interpret ONE Bible. I grew up Baptist, to a C.O.G.I.C raised family who raised me under both principles. Not until I became an Adult did I find a church that I felt matched my beliefs while also making sense of life. The church was non denominational, so that’s what I now consider myself. Plain Christian. This church teaches primary that we control our destiny’s thru our beliefs. What we think will happen; will happen. What we say with our mouths, will come to fruitation. If you plan to be poor and belief for that, it surely will happen. If you plan to be successful, and think successful thoughts, the universe will have no choice to give you success. It will begin to chase you. Yes they also teach God’s word….but not in a cult, pushy way. I’ve only found ONE church that made me 100% comfortable.

A lot of religions believe in so many sub-rules, and “if you don’t do this, this will happen to you”. And so on. I’m not perfect, but how can a preacher tell me that if I don’t live my life 100% according to the Bible, that God will NOT answer my prayers? I’ve been told this and haven’t returned to that church because who answered my prayers then? When I prayed for something specific to happen, and it happen just that way, who did it? And if God didn’t do it, then is that why a lot of people don’t believe there is one?

I don’t criticize ANY religion. I don’t criticize any belief as long as it’s not causing harm to another person. If you want to be Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, be you and be happy. It does not affect me. If you don’t believe in God, If you don’t believe in Budda, the Bible, or the Koran….etc. We all have to answer to ourselves everyday, and we’ll find out, who is at the end….

In December 2006 I watched a show on ABC, or one of those broadcasting stations; anyway, It was hosted by Barbara Walters, and was called “Heaven or Hell, Does it exist, and where”?

The program ran about 2 hours and covered many different religions, from Christian, Baptist, Islam, Catholic, to Buddist…….

We also now have Scientology….. (?)

She asked the same questions to each of her chosen representatives from each religion. Questions like “Do you believe in God”…… And “If people don’t believe in YOUR God, are they all going to Hell?”

The responses were not surprising, but watching a program based on such different religions was quite informative and insightful. With the thousands of religions out there, how difficult is it for any human to pick one and decide that this is the one that won’t send me to Hell?

How with so many religions does one even still decide to believe in God? Is this why so many people I’ve ran across do not. Is it the numerous choices that make it hard to believe that ONE is actually correct.

A friend of mine that was “Athiest” interuppted my praising God for my blessings and prayers being answered. Their response made sense, even though I didn’t agree. And since I’m EXTREMELY Open Minded and Liberal, I heard them out. This friend said, “Khalilah, why do you think ‘God’ answered your prayer and gave you this new found faith? Why is it not possible that your own efforts and change of mind lead you to the state of mind and circumstance that you find yourself in”?

They had a point. But I still believe that God answers my prayers. But then that brings me back to the church here in Omaha that I attended that preached a WHOLE sermon on, “If you’re not 100% saved and living according to God’s word, God WILL NOT answer your prayers”.

Well someone hears me. Someone is answering my prayers. I’m full of faith. I’m full of spirit. And I still and always will, Love God.

What do you think? Anyone see that Barbara Walters special in December?


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  1. I certainly understand the complexities that come with religion. I have decided to not practice a religion but live a life of freedom by serving the King of kings and the Lord of lords. If I focus on him and him only through his words, only I will maintain my freedom. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness all these other things will come automatic.

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