“Satan’s Kiss”

As temptation led me, and my heart followed your path,
added desire, love, and lust, to an evil trail of math.

The offer you held in your hand, was a gift and a curse,
upon approaching you I recited bible verses,
for no one rehearses the day they give away their soul
and all they have to offer to a heart that was cold.

And I like a child, who had been lured down this maze,
saw the sweets that you held, intrigued I fell in a daze…
I wanted to play, in your Pandora’s Box,
fascinated with glee, to run my fingers through your locks.
You sly as a fox, and I was your rabbit,
as if I approached you naked and allowed you to grab it.
I wanted you to have it, and ignored the snakes in your eyes,
ignorance is bliss yet in my case, I forced a disguise.

I pretended your evil ambitions were in my imagination,
for yours was the touch that led to my masturbation.
So you had my mind, before you had my body,
stringing my heart into your celebration.

All of my possessions I laid out before you,
and as I watched you hurt me, I still couldn’t help but adore you.
Who are you? I asked myself inside of my mind,
willingly donating my pussy, and leaving all else behind.

Fascinated with glee to run my fingers through your locks,
open arm, wide nosed to play in your Pandora’s Box.
Lord could have warned me, of your gift and your curse.
Searching my mind with prayer as I now again, recite bible verse.
I pretended I didn’t see the danger for ignorance was my bliss,
I fell a fool to you forever, for you gave me Satan’s Kiss.

“Satan’s Kiss”

4 comments on ““Satan’s Kiss”

  1. I need to go to church…which one I don’t know, your words have a way of making me catch the Holy Ghost… 😉

  2. Ur Physically Gorgeous Lady,

    But Ur Spirit & Mind Are
    Obviously More Beautiful…

    It’s Still How Ur Eyez Wrap
    It All Together That
    Does It 4 Me…



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