“Freedom to Fly”/”Stillness”

“Fly” © Khalilah-Yasmin http://khalilahyasmin.com I just want to be a fly on the wall of your mind to let you mind f**k me from behind to read me when I’m unaware to be blinded yet clearly stare to touch you without my hands to be your ocean and you my land-ing destination enticing me with […]

“Finish Last”

“Finish Last” ©2009 Khalilah-Yasmin http://khalilahyasmin.com It aches me everyday, even though it was me, who told you to go away, and leave me alone if to torment me was your only purpose in using the phone. Or to bone, when the girl that loved you most became your whore, wanting to please you, never stopping, […]

“Lucid Dreamer”

“Lucid Dreamer” © Khalilah-Yasmin Even though; it has been months since I last kissed your face, Even if I cried silently during our last warm embrace. Even though; you never loved me back, I never loved another more, Even if you were my heart, and treated me like your whore. I loved you. I loved […]

“A.K.A. Richard”

“A.K.A. Richard” © Khalilah-Yasmin Something is missing, ever since I made you leave, I contemplate the season I made you the air that I breathe. I reminisce of love and see how it was, I’m aware of the miracle and damage it does. I see a smile, that you flooded with a fury of tears, […]


“Suburbs” Written by Khalilah Yasmin http://KhalilahYasmin.com © Today’s another holiday; everyone around me cheery and excited, I face my fate with apprehension not thankful to be invited. For this is my twenty fourth Christmas, and nothing has changed; He knows my birthday yet my own father mispronounces my name. Surrounded by a room of strangers […]