K~Y T.O.T.D: “Know When to Walk Away”


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We’ve all been there.  We’ve all wanted something; an object, a friendship, promotion, or a person. Everyone has had a crush or fell in love with someone.  Most likely everyone has met someone that they could not stop thinking about.  But what if that person is not thinking about you?  How do you react?  Do you insist?  Do you walk away?  I’m not asking for advice.  I know what I do.  But have you ever taken a moment to look at how YOU react?

We are taught to fight for what we want.  But there is a limit in the situations to which to hold that regard.  You cannot fight for something that was never yours to begin with.  You cannot argue someone into falling in love with you.

If someone has blatantly told you that they do not have interest in you, what sense is it in forcing your ideals on them and how “perfect you would be for one another”?

Relationships are the force keeping the universe going.  There’s an energy between each relationship that some of us are not even aware exists.  I am not speaking just about romantic relationships.  There are relationships such as friends, coworkers, and even strangers form a type of relationship even if briefly.

The definition of a relationship is simply how two separate entities connect to one another. The depth of that connection is irrelevant.

There comes a point when you have to walk away.  Walking away does not mean you have to make a 2 am scene in the middle of a hotel in Miami because a girl wouldn’t let you spend the night.  😉

Walking away is done in the mind before it is done in the body.  You have to know when your sanity is worth more than the object or person in front of you that you deem important. 

While they say there is someone for everyone, you will not FIND that person if you are constantly trying to force feed yourself to someone who has either shown you or told you that they do not want you.

Take the relation-shit for an example; a relationship that is not going anywhere.  Know when to walk away.  If you’re tears outweigh your smiles, it’s time to walk away.  This is not the person you want to marry just because you do not want to be alone.  Just because you want financial security.

Would it make sense to insist someone or something that in the long run will cause you more pain than it will pleasure?  They say be cautious to what you wish for, because you just may get it.  So if you finally get “John” and he lies and cheats on you all the time because he initially told you, “I don’t feel the same as you”.  Do you deserve it?  Yes.  Because you forced it and he was honest. You decided to settle.

When we are born, most of us are born alone.  (I say most because there’s a smart ass somewhere that’s going to mention twins to me).   It is great to find someone that is equally yoked with you, yet there is no satisfaction in damaging another because someone broke your heart.

Your world should not crumble because someone does not see with the same set of eyes.

They say many of us want what we cannot have.  By all means aim for your dreams for they are attainable. People however, cannot be forced.

Just live. Be yourself. And hope someone will take notice.  It’s really that simple. 

Walk away with your heart and your mind so that your feet will follow. Know when to walk away.  

8 comments on “K~Y T.O.T.D: “Know When to Walk Away”

  1. You know it’s quite crazy that I just read this post pertaining to this particular topic lol I just finished watching the movie (500) Days of Summer and it really made me think about past relationships with people. It’s like we are blinded by our emotions and this imaginary scenario that we make up of how we think things should be with someone which makes us completely ignore how things really are with that someone…I agree with this post completely. I really enjoy your blog 🙂 Thanks for this.

  2. “If your tears outweigh your smiles, it’s time to walk away.”

    This sentence says everything.

    This was sometimes painful to read. Painful, because there have been times that my willingness to go into denial have outweighed my acknowledgment that what I want & what she wanted didn’t align. But your words, your vision, cut through all that. There you go, again, seeing thru the B.S. Dammit.

    Sometimes, I wish I was as wise as you about so many things. I love your writing. And your painful truths.

  3. this writing is like everything that’s been in my head. this is what i’ve been doing for over a year now. thanks for writing this, Khalilah.

    p.s: i almost cried. lol.

  4. I love this post so much, makes me realize ….. And makes me know when to walk away …
    Thanks, babe……

  5. You wrote this post right when I needed words to just encourage me. I’m going through a break up and even though she never actually said in words that she didn’t want to be with me anymore, while at church today, I realized that I am holding on to broken promises. So I have completely let go because I’m like “Uhhh..she’s chillin..you’re not..” “You’re crying. She’s not.” And that’s what gives me strength to move on. You really do have to walk away sometimes. Thanks for posting this.

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