“I loved you deeply”

“I loved you deeply” Copyright 2008 Khalilah Yasmin

I look in your eyes everyday and my heart slowly breaks,

You Smile, Because you don’t care and unaware that my heart sorely breaks.

I loved you deeply, and MADE you complete me,

Put you before myself, and watched you Mistreat me.

All the lies and manipulation hurt as if you beat me,

My heart is heavy because Satan let you meet me.

He heard my prayer for love and knew you were my weakness,

I never imagined my addiction for you, would make my mind encrypted.

You never earned my love, I just gave it to you blindly,

Now taken for granted, used, as everyone else I watch you treat kindly?

That ain’t even like me, I know my worth, and what I should be given,

Yet, wanting to be worth your anything I made my reason for living.

You look in my eyes everyday and selfishly ignore my tears,

I loved you deeply, prayed for you for years…

Put you BEFORE myself, and let you mistreat me.

I once loved you deeply but you no longer complete me.

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