“Bittersweet Lullaby”

“Bittersweet Lullaby..” © Khalilah Yasmin
After all of the madness, the hurricanes of sadness, we bring our affair to an end.
After all of the laughter,  all the love making, I thought I’d have a friend.

…but I’m terribly lonely,  in an aching upset,
loving you a heart wrenching regret,…
After putting all I had in you, I shatter empty handed now,
for my nightmare came true.

I saw it coming, but prayed God would make a way,
I want to wake up, and the LOVE to just STAY—-
Don’t leave me empty handed and heart,
if you have anything please leave me that part.

I’ll never recover, for only I knew how deep this ran,
I Loved you intense like the child that grasps hard to a hand.
But you’ll never understand, and I guess I’ll get by,
Living in this nightmare, my bittersweet—Lullaby.

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