“Affair” Written By Khalilah Yasmin © 2009

It only takes your voice;
to succumb me to being immensely aroused,
An ocean of emotion;
as if being kissed by millions of mouths.
It only takes your words;
whether spoken or written,
to make it unashamed and obvious
that I’m erotically smitten.

May I in every way;
place myself upon your lips,
I intend to conquer your waves
and soak all of your ships.
May I visit your “peninsula”; —
and make you my secret vacation,
you’re not my peer
so I won’t pressure or tempt you with persuasion.

It only takes one word;
and I’ll wait for your last chance to reply,
Why walk with her briefly
when with me you can fly?

May I share me with you;
as I throb your every vein,
I’d rather you be here with me,