The Afterlife & ‘Nothingness’

“What we call imagination is actually the universal library of what is real. You couldn’t imagine it if it weren’t real somewhere…” – Terence McKenna
Model: Khalilah Yasmin
Photographer: Marta McAdams Photography
Hair/MUA: Jonathan Seti Makeup Artist

That conceptual possibility is the most unsettling of them all.

My internal argument is getting way too loud.
This obsession of mine only appears to be new. Recent events just made the intensity harder to disguise.
My mind is stuck… (t)here.
Reading ‘AFTERLIFE’ forums where each opposing side has valid points that I actually agree with. It’s frustrating because I only want one to win.
The calm perspective from the ‘nothingness’ argument is haunting. He says our consciousness can’t comprehend its inevitable end.
Yet, most of me believes that consciousness is infinite even if it lacks a pulse or physical body to operate as its beacon. And if there is nothing, then have my perceived experiences with ‘something’ been nothing more than vivid hallucinations? My doubt stems from my desire for SOMETHING to exist. They say, “Every fear hides a wish.”
Late night reading addict. I just happen to be obsessively curious about so many things. Researching endlessly…
Forever a student. Life, Psychology and otherwise…

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