SOUL TIES & ABSTINENCE / Poem-‘The Greatest Bliss’.

SOUL TIES- My vulnerable confession “Never sleep with anyone you wouldn’t want to be.” – Anonymous. It was a while ago now but I took a vow to be abstinent. I did it because I needed to cleanse myself spiritually from any souls that were clinging to me. I did it because I wanted to […]

Poem- ‘Mount Olympus’ (Explicit Content)

“Mount Olympus”  Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2013 For: ‘An Alien’ … if such an exquisite being actually exists.       I said I wouldn’t do this but here I am. I promised myself not to give any f*cks so instead I gave 3 damns.   Man. Here I stand, with one foot in my mouth […]

Poem- Love’s MotherF*cker

  ‘Love’s MotherF*cker’  Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2013       Maybe if I hate LOVE, LOVE will finally LOVE me.   I’ve loved LOVE for too long and it seems to hate me.   LOVE pretends to LOVE me until I have completely surrendered.   LOVE says all the right things and then forgets to […]