BLACK PANTHER. First off, I’m a Marvel fan. Super hero movies and themes are kind of my thing. Seeing a film at this production level featuring so many people of color as the STARS with skin like mine & hair like mine was a moment of inclusion. Representation is so important. It’s something many never […]

‘Entertaining a Shadow’- BOOK PREVIEW

Psych Thriller by Khalilah Yasmin A tale of serendipity & misfortune; chiseled by a mind fuck that you won’t see coming.   Entertaining A Shadow Written By Khalilah-Yasmin ©COPYRIGHT 2017 ENTERTAINING A SHADOW FACEBOOK PAGE CHAPTER: 8 BALL I can hear the loud buzz of the helicopters above searching for my body. If you’re reading […]

Existentialism, Psychology, and Jason Silva…

I was asked to participate in a television show recently; ‘Brain Games’ on National Geographic hosted by futurist, filmmaker, and techno optimist Jason Silva. Though the show did not require that much of me in brain terms… the events leading up to being chosen caused me to discover who Jason Silva was and what he […]