Existentialism, Psychology, and Jason Silva…

Perspective. Depends on where you're standing; how far out and what you actually see.
Perspective. Depends on where you’re standing; how far out and what you actually see.

I was asked to participate in a television show recently; ‘Brain Games’ on National Geographic hosted by futurist, filmmaker, and techno optimist Jason Silva. Though the show did not require that much of me in brain terms… the events leading up to being chosen caused me to discover who Jason Silva was and what he believed in, THUS furthering my own consciousness. His perspectives match the teachings I have studied in my adult years and the degree I just received this month. Bachelor of Science in Psychology. (shouts for joy with reckless abandon)

Anyway, Back to Jason. Using his background in television ofilm-making, Silva fell in love with short form film making to ‘create content that can spread in the age of social media’. Micro-documentaries

Technology is a means to transcend our boundaries… You’re reading this aren’t you? From either your phone, your laptop, or tablet. We are influenced by the things we hear, see, and others we allow to be in that space of influence in order to… INFLUENCE us.

Turn your visions into malleable tactile sensations. You must be able to mold, shape, and play with your vision once it takes form.

This human’s philosophies on the mind, our existence, and the Universe connect in such a way that I am enamored with the ubiquitous timing of all things… I don’t post here as often as I should. Perhaps follow me on Twitter? Either way, I was compelled to share this with you RIGHT NOW. He has a lot of other videos that feed on these ideas of consciousness. You can find him, if you seek to.

“Allow your ideas to have sex…”

On the set of Brain Games with Jason Silva…
On the set of Brain Games with Jason Silva…

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