Stage Left

Stage Left


Depressed people are the best actors when they don’t want it to be known.

Because they get so used to hiding behind the facade of the present, so that you won’t know how unhappy they are; no matter what triggered it.

It’s a mental illness; they say… but maybe it’s just a mental awakening to the condition that our society is in. Knowing that this planet belongs to everyone yet we pay to live here. That what should be free is now illegal to grow; our own food. Corporations claim ownership of common resources and sell back to humans what was naturally ours to begin with. They can arrest you now for feeding the homeless in certain states. Really?

The endless cycle of greed that feeds on fear. Corporations threaten to take away your freedom if you don’t pass over your coins while churches sell pipe dreams by threatening to take away your ‘salvation’. The church example says, if you don’t comply with their 10 percent.. while they buy private jets and their congregation frequents the local food pantry. All while religiously attempting to buy their way into ‘heaven’.

I’m not convinced. They’re selling something that they don’t own, therefore you cannot buy. Yet their speeches are powerful and convincing. The same with the government threats of how to live and stay ON the grid despite the need for escape.

Maybe that’s it- when you can sense it all and feel it all, it’s easier to see the rest of the world and feel it so much deeper that you can’t see how everyone else is so corrupt or blind. And maybe THAT’S what causes depression. Maybe it’s because we know…

And then you wonder how everyone else is so numb to the condition and maybe for just a second; you imagine how it would be to ALSO be numb and desensitized to that which you happen to be sensitive to.

But to not feel the extreme lows would mean to not reach the extreme highs…

They’re worth it, right?

They say, “feeling so deeply and passionately is a gift.” But it’s so heavy to carry at times.

This part is true; “every day you give one more fuck less.” And then after a while when you meet people, you’re like… “This is what this is.. you’re either with it or you’re not and if you aren’t, that’s perfectly fine. We’re both going to live and then eventually die. But I’ll tell you what, we’ll have lived our lives the way we wanted to.

That’s important. You only get one. Do it. Be the story. Create your own film of a life in whatever way you can with what was already set up for you before you got here. DARIA

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