Social Media. Don’t like it? Don’t look.

Social Media. Don’t like it? Don’t look.  © Khalilah Yasmin



Q: “Why do you take so many photos of yourself?”

A: “Better question. Why do you care?”

The internet can be a fun, social place. Social media with all of it’s varied platforms makes keeping up with friends, current events, and colleagues; often times more entertaining. Yet there’s a dark side to social media and sharing, others may resent you for what you choose to post.


I understand. ‘The Smiths’ were more fun before they started posting all the kissy family photos. But ever since they got married, that’s all you see; the back and forth exchange of love between a happily married couple. To you it looks fake and you want to scream seeing them say “I love you, baby” on each other’s pictures all day long.  But maybe… their union is encouraging someone else to believe in love again?

Yes. I know. ‘Janet’ posted 8 or 9 photos of her newborn baby today. She’s a new parent and rightfully excited to be one. She was told she couldn’t have children and feels exceptionally grateful for her blessing.

Alright, alright. ‘Jake’ lost 100 pounds and all he ever posts is fitness tips, fitness meals, and selfies from the gym.

It seems as if every time he posts a got-damn picture, he’s flexing. You’re fucking sick of it. Maybe Jake had high cholesterol, diabetes, and other health issues and was forced to make some changes so that he could live a better life. Perhaps by sharing his journey with others, it keeps him on path. He’s doing something for at least one person by sharing his truth.


Ever since John got that television gig that’s all I ever see him posting about. Jesus Christ. He brags so much.”

Yeah… maybe it appears that way. But maybe John has been on countless auditions and told he wasn’t good enough for years. Perhaps prior to this opportunity, John was about to be evicted from his studio apartment in a shitty neighborhood, behind on all of his bills and couldn’t afford the plane ticket to his grandmother’s funeral. If you can’t be happy for John, go away. It’s simple. 

I get it. You’re tired of looking at all of the selfies that ‘Susan’ posts.  You saw her in public one time taking a photo of herself and doing her best to get the ocean in the background. You hoped she would fall in. You think ‘Susan’ is narcissistic and loves herself too much. Shouldn’t we all love ourselves?  Maybe Susan is feeling pretty today and used to have self esteem issues. Maybe she is proud that she now embraces her flaws and isn’t asking for your conditional acceptance. She’s sharing for those that ENJOY her. She’s showing others that they too can be proud of who they are and LOVE THEMSELVES before anyone else claims to.


“Does Lilah think everyone likes Prince and wants to see her sharing things about him every 10 minutes. Crikey!” 

I imagine, ‘Lilah’ is aware that there are some that may not care for her Prince posts. She doesn’t give a shit. There are several that love it.

“OMG, is she half naked on the internet again? She must be desperate for attention. She has that new psychological disorder that I read about on the internet. She’s probably a whore. What would her mother say? Her boyfriend? Her children?”

Sex & nudity shaming is so bizarre and unnecessary.

How did YOU get here?

To Earth…

Immaculately? 🤔

I arrived naked because two humans got naked and created me.

Most of you did too.

The human body is beautiful, not demonized & shameful.

If Vanessa wants to show the internet what she’s working with, I guarantee you, she doesn’t care about your negative opinion.

So here’s my stance on seeing things you wouldn’t rather not see- UNFOLLOW, UNFRIEND… and by all means… If you don’t like something, STOP LOOKING AT IT.

There’s so many things in this world trying to bring us down every day. You never know what is going on behind the social media posts of those you even may be close to. Let’s encourage one another more instead of all the fucking bitching about what someone does with their internet access that you did not pay for.

Q: “How many pictures are you going to take?”

A: “As many as I fucking want to.”


With intense LOVE, Khalilah


Good Day. I said, Good day.

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