Poem- Reverential Awe

Reverential Awe- 2013 Khalilah Yasmin

Fear and Awe. My favorite experiences seem to have these in common. Equally feeding off one another to prove the other right.

Every time I start to really FEEL someone, and they are doing everything right…. I have this thought in the back of my mind that they are playing a sick prank on me… luring me into their trap to fall in love with them so that they can break my heart on purpose. A conquest if you will-that they feed off of for power. So I resist… I resist… imagining the moment I show them that I really care, that they smile at me in that way I love, reach into my chest and snatch my heart out while looking me in the eyes. Then effortlessly they crumble it, and place it back into my chest… beating to a different tune than before they touched it.

I promise I’m not jaded… I just have yet to be proven wrong.

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