“Great Expectations”- Poem

“Great Expectations” Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2014

What if I painted you the picture I wanted you to see,
would you critique the aesthetic or allow it to be?

If I drew you a journey with both of my hands,
a possible existence and key to foreign lands.

What if this world were nothing but what the artists made it,
by believing there’s diamonds in coals, and to never get jaded.

If I wrote you a song, that could only be heard through your eyes,
Would you crescendo visually and allow my notes to rise?

See, I, believe in the power of improvis—-ation
the brush stroke and the guitar strum have the same connotation.

An image painted onto the mind of another,
A pixelated ladder into the abyss of wonder.

A stardust filled being to inspire and use,
To allow room for the unknown, the mystery of the muse.

To create a perspective perhaps otherwise neglected,

…as the greatest wonders of the world, are never expected.

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