“Ethereal” -Poem



Got to speak to someone in a dream last night. Asked if I should come too. He said, “Not yet. You’ve still more to do.”

“Ethereal”  Khalilah Yasmin  Copyright 2014


I can feel when I dream and when I’m awake.

If I can shake in both worlds, then which one is fake?

Or are they both realms in which we operate,

manifesting our consciousness and our own chosen fate.

Foreshadowing further worlds-

the lives we will live and be,

even if in this new dimension

I don’t resemble eternal “me”.


If this life is a dream, then what is it I am seeing when I sleep,

and if the opposite is true, which one of them is weak?


Because I know we eventually see what we speak…


we bring to life what we water,

what we feed,


what we think.


If coincidences are nothing more than timed “supposed to’s…”

then how do I distinguish the dimensional now from the deja vus?


They say anomaly of memory, call us crazy and mentally ill,

forcing us to dumb down, deny truth, and take THEIR pill.


If I can discover truth from another being when my eyes are closed,

and see them in full,

one of these worlds is more real than the other…

and someone’s feeding me bull…


Shit, maybe I’m hallucinating and both places are a dream formed beyond this dimension,

I can feel them both with the same depth, attempting to guide my intention.


Foreshadowing further worlds-

the lives we will live and be…

look deep enough into my eyes,

you’ll see ETERNAL me.

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