Poem- ‘Broken Glass’

“Broken Glass”
Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2013


He said it was an emergency, so she let him break the glass,
She thought he was being a gentleman, since he at least asked.

Unlike the last who intentionally moved things too fast,
unhitched his pants and showed his whole ass.

Perpetuating prayer, wearing a cross, and praying in mass,
water isn’t the only thing that mirage’s favor; it’s a love that will last.

He said he was different, he would be unlike all of the rest,
called her his Princess and claimed he’d love her best.

He sang her sweet melodies, sent roses, she witnessed him tell God that with her he was Blessed,

He wrote her love songs with his eyes when he sang into her breasts.

Pretending the whole time that he was sincere and there was no jest,
until the night I awaited him and his X called me and confessed.

She said it was an emergency, so I let her break the glass,
she said he was now HER gentleman, said she was the reply to the questions he asked…

Unlike the last, who intentionally moved things too fast.
she said he unhitched her pants, THEY broke a heart, and she gave him her ass.

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