“Aflame.. in A Sharp”- Poem


“Aflame…in A Sharp” A# © Khalilah Yasmin 2014

Fear not deep waters or steep heights, for passion is all of these things; whether you drown or free fall.

The muse told me to take advantage of this sadness before it passes,
to remind myself that I can feel.. to remember those before him as proof that I can heal.

The muse promised that the burning beneath my ribcage was temporary,
and that I should freely jump into the ocean again; even if it’s scary.

Without a face or body, the muse whispered in my both of my ears at the same time,
Forcing me to acknowledge the hidden message beneath the rhyme.

Soaking my psyche into the world of wonder that exists beyond the end,

the ego that silenced her voice and pretended to be his friend.

Tricking myself to hide vulnerability because if I lost myself too long,
by staring into the sheet music, I would become the note and not the song.

The desire that won’t extinguish but yet has been lit aflame,
Like an angel lit on fire jumping into the waterfall surrounded by terrain.

Although doused by the waterfall and submerged in it’s depth,

my wings still full of fiery passion,

and my chest of strong heavy breaths.

“Take advantage and fan the flames
as they will not burn you into ash-but instead make you seen from light years away.”

The muse whispered in my ears, so I promised to fly and not to lay.

To not trick myself into hiding my truth, allow myself to get lost because it is never wrong,
Wings on fire as I stare into a memory, No longer the note. I am the song.

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