I’m not like you, and I ain’t gotta be,
I may talk proper, and write “PHONETICALLY”.
I love the whole Rainbow, so you call me an “oreo”?
I wear the rainbow, multi colored soul if you didn’t know.

I don’t fit in your box, or expectation of me,
I may be a skater, poetess, a lil R&B but I’m free…
Free to be..who the FUCK I want,
Free to throw at you some knowledge, that you never caught.
Just because I’m black, doesn’t mean that I’m ghetto,
I don’t have to like Rap, or lose my mind to “Falsetto”.

I’m me and this is not changing, to be a mold of you,
an identical impression of a nightmare come true.
Yes, you..
He or she, who judges every book by a cover,
yet must be intrigued for…around me you hover.

You push me towards your small mind, hoping I’ll crave your acceptance,
I don’t need your limitations, your parody, your lack of depth-nance.  
I don’t fit in any box, I break all pre conceptions and notions,
I may be a bit of everything, and these are my motions.
I’m original, unique, Fuck it I’m just ME,
I’m not like you, and I ain’t gotta be!

2 comments on ““Phonetically”

  1. Lauryn Hill once said…

    “…cuz even after all my knowledge and my theories / i add a ‘muthafucka’ so you ig’nint niggas hear me.”

    content-wise, i feel this one so much because my experience is similar. i mean, i’m from north platte, nebraska. imagine. anyway, style-wise, i love the word “lack of depth-nance.” finally, to sum it up with the word “phonetically” i think is awesome. though the word is used only once in the poem, it just works well for a title. really well. actually reminds me of the way i title poems.

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