Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger
Dress: Michael Kors
Earrings: Oscar De La Renta
Magazine Link: THE CUT

Grateful to be part of this beautiful shoot with Holly Andres who was an absolute joy to work with. Holly & her assistant started taking photos in Oregon on June 19th and circled the nation taking photos of women and their Americas. I love kick ass women! ❤️

A few weeks later was my interview with New York Magazine/ The Cut. It was filled with so many quotes as she asked a lot of questions… The interviewer (name redacted) said someone would call me to verify my quotes before going to print to represent me the way that I CHOSE to be represented. Never received that call and was ignored when I tried to follow up to MAKE SURE I was represented correctly. 🤔Of course, the LEAST important part of our 20 minute phone call was published. And not the parts about my life in Las Vegas (the point of the shoot) or my 3rd book; Entertaining A Shadow. It was a fun & happy interview. It’s odd that it was twisted to something dark. They chosen the one thing I said that was painful, instead of all the empowering things I had to say about Las Vegas, being a woman, and living in Las Vegas. Shame.

REALLY DISAPPOINTED in New York Magazine that it was minimized to the quote chosen. This was my first national magazine interview about ART, INSPIRATION, INCLUSION, MY GOALS, and LAS VEGAS. 😞Ha! Oh well. Holly & I got some great shots that I’ll share soon.😉 Thank you, NY MAG, The Cut, & Holly!

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