Millionth Moon- Poem with audio

I was driving when I wrote this… after looking into the sky.

I saw two things.

1. I saw the moon in the daytime.

2. I saw 2 missing windows at Mandalay Bay.

“Millionth Moon” Copyright 2017 Khalilah Yasmin

You’re the moon in the sky in the daytime reminding me that magic exists.

You’re the water ‘God’ made to hydrate me.

You’re my respite on land if I were a fish.

You’re the drug that bears no side effects, natural and wonderfully made.

You’re the full house, the jackpot, the lottery when all I had was a spade.

You’re the reason cancer goes into remission with slim to none chance of return.

You’re the human unscathed by the fires you walked through when they watched and said that you’d burn.

You’re the last push of courage that was needed to save millions of innocent lives.

You’re the gracious lover satisfied with one woman when promised one hundred wives.

You’re the beam of light that shines when I’m afraid to sleep in the dark,
Your presence makes demons in the night disappear without a whisper, without a bark.

You’re the lover and the friend
Fair-weather NEVER, consistent and loyal to a fault.

You’re worthy of praise, humble with grace
It’s others you often exalt.

You’re the “Everything is going to be okay,” and making it come true with a wish,
You’re the dreamy reality in a world full of torment, you ARE pure bliss.

You’re 20 more years of life when I was given 20 days.
You’re accepting of every life.
No matter where they lay.

You’re everything I desire
You’re all that I could ever wish.

You’re the millionth moon in the daytime
And you do not exist.

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