Social media is a fascinating tool. You can find opportunities, like minded people, and misunderstandings. You can share your truth without sharing everything. We’re all capable masters of perception. By choosing what to say, what to withhold, and when – you can create any reality you choose. As Aldous Huxley once stated, “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”

Not sharing every detail isn’t for lack of authenticity. To be fair, everything isn’t everyone’s business.

But limited perceptions come with frustrations when those that DO reach out fail to see beyond their rose colored lens.

The photos I have to take to make a living create impressive illusions.

Maybe it’s just me…
I would rather walk in nature or ride horses than meet you in a loud nightclub for bottomless drinks.

I would rather lay under the stars and discuss the possibility of alternate dimensions than examine ‘reality’ television and gossip.

I would rather compare experiences than compare superficial material possessions.

… to be asked meaningful questions.

When I clock out, the mask comes off and the heels are put away. No one sees that because they don’t want to. I suppose it’s because when I am in my downtime, there are no cameras there. I am.

I can tell others a thousand times that social media is entertainment and they refuse to believe me until we’re in the physical world alone together.

The default to be disingenuous is depressing. People ask, “How are you,” and like robots we all say, ‘Fine’… because we know most humans don’t care.

Before you go there, NO- it’s not just Las Vegas. That’s the misconception. Because it’s the entertainment capital of the world, it’s assumed that superficiality is the default behavior. I had similar experiences in Nebraska as well. I hear these stories from all over from people in other cities far away that I wish I could connect with. Instead we reach out to one another and offer social media hi-fives and whisper that we understand. There is comfort in that.

Being expected to be ‘On’ and glamorous for EVERYTHING is EXHAUSTING. I’m not complaining about what I do for work. I LOVE working in entertainment. I’m truly grateful to be living some of my dreams.

However, it can feel like a living contradiction when others expect you to BE ‘the picture’ all the time. Now if it’s not posted or shared on social media, *laughs* people don’t believe it. The truth is, when I am not working and home alone, chances are the pictures you see me uploading are from the silent comfort of my bedroom as I lay curled up in a ball, embraced by the darkness of my black curtains. *giggles*

To the few that get me and allow me to be me, I appreciate you.

I’m here to wake you up. To challenge you to look beyond your expectations and question your reality.

And if you’re like me, show yourself please. I’m looking for my tribe.

With Love, An Introverted Psychology Student (for life)

“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.” – Anaïs Nin

illusion-art-painting (21)


The no make up, no weave, no chemicals, no extra set of hands to help me take down these cornrow braids ...CHALLENGE. This is me. THE REAL ME.
The no make up, no weave, no chemicals, no extra set of hands to help me take down these cornrow braids …CHALLENGE.
This is me. THE REAL ME.

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