IS it written?

“Is it Written”?
—-Khalilah Yasmin




I’m one whom reads a lot of books, and without reading, since I was a child, I have had this sixth sense if you will.  I’ve always known what I was going to be.  And saw my life, before it saw me.  But I will come back to that.  Months ago, I was sitting with a platonic friend and having breakfast.  He said to me, “Do you realize that from the day we met, both of our lives were changed?” He continued, “you could be anywhere else right now, but you chose to spend your time with me. And because you spent your time with me instead of your other plans, your future is changed”. I shrugged him off, and let him explain.

He explained, “Every person we meet, has a hand in our future if we make contact with them”.  Every one we pass, every hand we shake, conversation that is had, word we read, shapes the Universe surrounding us.  There are decisions that are made, due to “said person” being in your life, that say, you wouldn’t have made without their “seemingly” MINOR influence.

I’m about to get philosophical on you for a moment if you let me.  The future is subject to change….  Your life could already be written.  But what if, you turn left when you were supposed to go right?  And what if it was ONE person’s phone call that prevented you from taking that “flight”?  What if you were late, because of something, and being late, for that event, job, or meeting, caused your whole life to be changed….?  You could have met with someone that you wouldn’t have met otherwise, that changed your life forever…    which ties us all together.  We all are effecting each other, silently, whether we realize it or not.  Even those we don’t talk to, or make connection with.  We are effected.   I think it’s a beautiful thing.  But in some ways it can be dangerous.

Picture this…  Imagine, you’re a young business man, about to get married, and you have a wonderful fiance’.  You’re excited to marry this woman.  You’re on a business trip.  The pilot; a man you do not know, is ill today due to his child bringing home the flu…    The pilot is late.  Your flight is delayed, causing you to take another flight, and sit next to another business woman, whom has so much in common with you….  more so that said fiance’.  Instant attraction, chemistry….     You find out this woman is someone from your childhood.

Your left shoulder tells you, “No…you’re happy at home”…  Your right shoulder tells you, “But why is it even crossing my mind to keep in touch with this woman I’m attracted to?”.   And that meeting alone, whether you proceed or not, changed your life because YOU THOUGHT ABOUT IT.  This situation… all due to a pilot being late for his shift, shifted everyone’s future.  And now, many lives are changed…  And the husband to be, is now unsure of his love for his wife.  And depending on his and her decisions, this woman COULD end up being the one….

I’ve learned to be happy for every situation in my life.  Even the heart ache, and trials, for they made me who I am.  Every person I’ve connected with and shared conversation or smile with, contributed to me in some way.  I’ve avoided tragedy and dangerous events due to something that seemed detrimental at the time….

I once avoided a car accident, because my car wouldn’t start….  leading it to cause on fire while I was driving it years ago.  Had it not been for the people that were put in my path that day, to see the flames coming from my engine, I may not be here.   Had it not been for the neighbors I had, while living in an abusive marriage, I may not be here.   I can go on….

So, everyone you know, every number in your phone.  Every person on your job, has a assignment somehow to you.  It’s not a coincidence.   Your future is subject to change depending on everyone around you.

You could be the best dancer in the world, and have a friend with a drinking problem that you’re unaware of, that leads you to getting in a horrible accident that leads to “you no longer being able to perform”.  Domino effect.

So if someone chooses to spend “time” with you, or on you.  Respect and appreciate that “time”.  Time is not returned to us….  and because of that time spent, you and they are forever changed.

Don’t take anything or anyone for granted.  We all are very important to each other.  It is written.

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  1. I love this. Reminds me of a similar theme in “Robert,” which I was also very moved by.

    A spiritual teacher might say that our actions and words are pebbles dropped into sort of a universal water, creating ripples around them. A physicist might say that for every action, there is a reaction. It’s the same thing.

    But I like the way you said it better.

  2. I agree totally with you. It is the Truth I have learned and talked about in many of my speeches. We are ALL ONE.

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