“The absence of desire leaves one free to pursue other things.”
👑 Game of Thrones


1. I just finished 7 seasons of Game of Thrones.

2. Yes. I arrived the party later than some of you. I was busy. Living and not really watching television. I had a feeling I would love it. Catching up seemed tedious until recently sick with bronchitis and ‘sick of humans’ for several weeks and I became the ultimate binge-watcher.

3. I cried while Bran’s voice was revealing Jon Snow’s truth as he lay passionately with Dany. 😍

3.5 Arya is my spirit animal. She no longer gives a fuck and neither do I.

4. My senses have never loved any series more than this. It has all of the elements of top notch entertainment for a series, book, or film: Evolving character development, intriguing storylines, endless conflicts, surprises, beasts, heroes, assholes, magic… and naked people.
If this were a film, it would definitely wipe out The Count of Monte Cristo as my personal fave.

4.5.  I love that GOT exists in a world without GUNS. People have to actually have skill to kill. NO COWARDS.

5. I better be alive in 2019 when series 8 arrives or I’m coming back from the dead to watch this and perhaps fuck with a few people. I’m going to need their HBO and the remote. 😈

6. Don’t come at me saying anything foul about me being late, band wagon, or whatever. Let people enjoy things in their time. Life happens. No one cares if you liked something first. Ask your first boyfriend. Ask Ray J.

7. “I’m not going to swear an oath, I can’t uphold. When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything.”  – Jon Snow

Snow upholds honor and loyalty in a way that is not found often in this world.

7.5. I don’t want anymore children. One is plenty. Although, if Jon Snow were a real person and irrevocably in love with me, I would let him rearrange all of my organs & impregnate the FUCK out of me every 9 months for the rest of my life. 

I would ‘Bend the Knee’ for The King of the Throne, Jon Snow, Aegon Targaryen, The seventh of his name. I would bend them both.


That is all. Good day. Love you.  (Bonus Edit Below) 

I was so overwhelmed by the final episode of season 7 that I left a lot out when I wrote this yesterday. The big reveal regarding Jon Snow made him my vocal point, although there is a LOT of content to cover with 67 episodes.

Let’s talk about Joffrey for a moment. Joffrey was an absolute piece of shit. Kudos to the actor that played that role so well, down to the way he casually smirked his stupid lips while demanding something awful. His mannerisms were that of an evil but cowardly dictator. He wouldn’t last a day on the battlefield but let power go to his head. He never deserved that crown. His death was pleasing to watch, although he should have got the Theon treatment from Ramsey.

Speaking of Theon.. I went from hating him to feeling sorry for him as his spirit was broken by Ramsey. The man cut his dick off and sent it to his family as a threat. WHO DOES THAT? Yara is such a great sister to attempt to rescue him while he was identifying as ‘Reek’.

Watching Sansa give her virginity to Ramsey was heartbreaking. Ramsey and Joffrey were monsters and deserved far worse than the deaths they were given. I hate them.

Ser Jaime… ah. Where do I start? I wasn’t a fan of him until he showed some humanity towards Brienne. I’m still waiting for them to make out, by the way.

Brienne and Jon Snow are the characters with the most honor. I hope she is treated with some due respect in the next season. I want to see some man ravage her. She deserves it. Maybe Jaime? Or the red haired wildling fellow that is infatuated with her.

Tommen. Sweet Tommen. He’s what Sebastian from ‘Cruel Intentions’ would be if he instead had good intentions. Though Tommen had a gentle heart, he wasn’t very brave. Tommen was just given a lot of power without the strength to withstand what comes with it. His final scene was quite poetic.

Cersei, is the biggest bitch I’ve seen on television (laptop) since Rebecca DeMornay in ‘The hand that rocks the cradle’. The only redeeming quality about her is that she would do anything for her children. But that’s a trait that most mothers have. I’m not going to praise her for that.

Her revenge on the lady from Dorne who killed her daughter was satisfying to watch, nonetheless. Those Dorne women are gorgeous savages. I like them but yeah… Kisses can be deadly. In her defense, when her lover was killed so monstrously with his head bashed in, I felt for her. That scene was BRUTAL. Revenge was inevitable.

When Cersei killed everyone in the Septon, while watching from the other side of town… I died too. And if I’m remembering correctly, she was all dressed up and drinking wine like she was at a live entertainment production, without a care in the world.

The scene with the White Walkers and the crew waiting for Dany on the rock in the middle of the ice was stressful as FUCK. They were brave to go out there with so few men and weapons, but also stupid. The White Walkers have them outnumbered and probably always will now that they have a dragon of their own. I was screaming at the screen most of this episode.

Samwell Tarley has a good heart but his wildling girlfriend annoys the fuck out of me. I have a feeling she is going to turn on him at some point and all his efforts will be for nothing.

Jaquen is a bad ass and I hope to see more of him and the Faceless Men Shenanigans. Seeing what he did for Arya and who he helped her evolve into cannot be over. Arya is someone you want on your team.

The evolution of love between KhalDrogo and Khalessi was something special. Watching her go from not wanting this union to embracing him as her “Moon and Stars,” made me feel all the times I’ve loved someone. She was her best self with him in my opinion. She’s become a bit power hungry now…

When Grey Worm and Missandei are finally making love, I really wanted to see more. Not going to lie. I was curious and so were you! How would she pleasure him without him having a …sword.

I cannot stand Lord Baelish‘s face, voice, or existence and I’m glad his throat was sliced open. He was a bloody cunt. I wanted him to fall when he pushed Aunt Lysa out of the moon door. But we don’t always get our wishes.

Every time I saw Tywin Lannister, I heard Eddie Murphy’s voice in ‘The Golden Child’. “MY DEAR SWEET BROTHER NUMPSIE.” He aged well considering that film came out in 1986.

Tyrion Lannister is the best character on the show. I feel for him every time someone mistreats him for being different. I hope he ends up killing Cersei for trying to kill him. I could very well imagine him being the final king of the throne on the last and final episode. We shall see!

In closing, I really would like one of Hot Pie‘s creations. He’s adorable and passionate about his craft. They say, don’t trust a skinny cook. He must be pretty damn good!

“You know nothing, Jon Snow!” – Ygritte

See you in 2019 for Season 8!


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