“Freedom to Fly”/”Stillness”

“Fly” © Khalilah-Yasmin

I just want to be a fly on the wall of your mind
to let you mind f**k me from behind
to read me when I’m unaware
to be blinded yet clearly stare
to touch you without my hands
to be your ocean and you my land-ing destination
enticing me with mental penetration
You; my fantasy and my frustration.
To see you without my eyes,
to be wingless yet filled with butterflies
to hear you without my ears
to taste my wine, with silent cheers.
You, my fantasy and my frustration,
My forbidden and my elation.
I’m enamored and don’t know why,
he stole my wings yet with you I fly.


I don’t want to be your everything.  I just want to be there until she shows up.
I want to, have you, gently, casually, open, AND abrupt.

I want to silence my mind, but it won’t shut up,
I don’t want you forever, just until he shows up.

I don’t want all of your time, just the downtime in between.
Can I?
Come closer to you, to your shade of green.

I don’t want to live in your grass, I just want to lay..
I’m afraid of my words and what else to say.
I don’t want to say too much and scare you away,
but if I don’t say enough, you may not stay.

So keep it a secret, I must, to lose you I fear,
my curiosity obvious, my words sincere.
I want to know you, mentally, physically, sweet and abrupt,
I don’t want to be your everything.  I just want to be there until she shows up.

I look in your eyes, and something is there.
I want to look at least 50 more times, for I think that it’s fair.
To let you run fingers, wet through my hair,
to relax in your lap, to exist in your air.

I care, but I don’t love you.
within my body, I want to shove you,
within my mind, I want to learn your ways,
I don’t want to spend nights, I’d rather spend days.

I want to gaze.. at you.  And your “stillness”.

4 comments on ““Freedom to Fly”/”Stillness”

  1. So interesting to see these together as a single entry. One is hot, sexy, wise, profane, transcendent. honest, vulnerable, filled with desire from every part of the body & soul. The other is also honest, but without attachment or expectation. It’s like the difference between “I’ll love you forever” and “I’ll love you, each day …forever.” I know a guy who thought each woman he dated was “the one.” And each one of those women broke his heart. Then he met someone who he knew was not the one. He accepted that this would last only so long and then would end, and that would be okay. They’ve been together ten years and just had a baby girl. “Stillness” hits that spot for me – love, reveal, express, care but release control …allow love to breathe …for as long as it’s here …treasure each moment …each breath …and before you know it, time has passed.

  2. Will, I must tell you, I truly appreciate your comments; here and on Facebook. It’s encouraging for me. I like that story you shared about your friend. I read it to a friend of mine. Alas, crushes are so irrational. I’m so selective with those I’m attracted to. So when I’m enamored, I enamor hard. 😉 This particular poem is capturing something I have never felt before.

    I just want to be there until she shows up.

  3. Sometimes days are better spent with nights.

    Nights always pass by too quickly but usually days are the ones that memories are made in.

    I do check out ur site every now and again and I always enjoy what I read 🙂

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