F*ck The Applause

I love social media… but wanted to point out some flaws. Society feels broken… so F*ck the applause. Thumb Up Like Button key

Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2015


Follow me before I reach 300K

Love before it’s the lie that the masses say.

See my face when I’ve chosen to showcase my flaws.

Beyond the selfies, the filters, the Internet faux pas.

Celebrate me because you believe in my process,
Not for false entitlement and bull shit nonsense.

Because you thought I was the shit before the television screen.

Be real when I have nothing or don’t expect my loyalty.

I have the same heart that I was born with. Still learning how to filter through bull shit.

Save the fake ass, “I always knew you would make it”

Bitch you never liked me. You don’t have to fake it.

I’ve learned how to kiss my own ass

Flexible …
So if I choose to I can reach the yard with the perceived better grass.

Last; the place where they say the good ones finish.

In competition with myself ONLY- so guaranteed to win this.

Race; that I prefer to experience by means of genuine journey.

Not concerned with the obstacles or hurdles before me.

Like this before it’s the latest trend in your news feed.

Water me without standing at my tree expecting my seed.

Remember when people took pictures with you because they genuinely cared
Without needing your status, occupation or business to be aired.

When the news was valid and not a distracting scare tactic of sorts.
When people had a conscious whether or not they were guilty in court.

When humans did good in the world anonymously and said fuck the applause.
Take me to a place where my skin tone isn’t the stereotype for your laws.

Does it really matter if I get one million views?
Does that make my existence valid or your interest skewed?

I refuse to purposely place my tits into my selfie pic.
Even if that’s the direction of superficial society
And “I am here” politics.

It doesn’t matter who I know or who knows me.

People reposting advertisements for a small fee.

Before I reach 300 K, are you here for my ass or cause I have something to say.

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