Erotica City- Rated MA




*MATURE CONTENT WARNING * Audio available below.

“ERotIca City” © Khalilah Yasmin 

The strongest drug that exists for a human IS another human….

You have your needle lodged into my veins

Self inflicted and committed I’m a hostage to your chains.

GAINS… I recall no losses when my muscles are contracting.

The plus to my minus, when the souls between our eyes are interacting…

I’m trippin’ obviously, st-st-stumbling over my own words, I’ll be damned if I fall.

Embarrassed that my heart beats so hard that I cannot answer your call.

Addicted with only a taste, I’m a feen for your version of ‘coke’-

you’ve got the only supply that I want, strung out on all of your ‘dope’.

Smoke me back, inhale me into the depths of your lungs,

till I beg for my coffin,

your dick getting hard as the insides of my pussy, they soften…


Weekend… or not, sunlight or sundown, your rules have become my own,

obeying your shades of grey… your orders, and the sword beside your throne.

Consciously aware of every nerve ending in my body I didn’t know existed,

your mouth like a thousand lips and tongues all of you, with each and every kiss.

No longer trust myself to make proper decisions on my own behalf,

polyamory is unfamiliar and my ego wants to laugh.

Perhaps I must wake up out of this dream, and let go of this ‘Erotic City’ affair,

for I am a mere citizen of this town… and you call yourself The Mayor.



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