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I would rather ASK and know, than Wonder and be restless.

But I could not face myself if you moved on and I knew that I kept this…

…Connection between us, If you were my Mars I’d be your Venus,

Cause I FOUND myself in your inner and outerspace as you looked into mine,

I LOST myself in your eyes but you took my hand and told me I’d be fine.

As if we were lovers in another era in time, you were my Renaissance and I was your Medieval,

Your Music and Art filled my cathedrals, until your sword took my heart refusing retrieval.

But I know you’re not evil, because I felt your soul move its way through mine,

I lost myself in your eyes but you took my hand and told me I’d be fine.

And I am, I just want to know if our fairy tale spell wore off on you early,

Been afraid to ask, look weak by dropping my iron shield or be surly.

As if my heart was a virgin as it met with your eyes and jumped through my chest,

After tonight’s confession perhaps she will rest.

But will I, In this infinite world where I felt I finally had a lover who was a friend,

I’m going to ask you this letter and never ask you again.

Will I hear your voice when your ringer plays, Will I see you on our vacation days?

Will you be the Mars to my Venus, Will you look in my eyes so you can see that I mean this?

You were my Pharaoh and I was your Princess,

another world created the connection between us,

I would rather ask and know, than wonder and be restless,

But I could not face myself or my lungs for you made me Breathless.

One thought on ““Breathless”

  1. There is a quietness in this. A peacefulness. I need to read it again, since I seem to always miss something key on my first read of your work. But this person you describe, what a wonderful portrait of mature human qualities. And also those same, open-eyed, balanced and “knowing” qualities in the voice of the writer. I love the understanding of timelessness you convey that happens when we don’t just see the other person’s eyes, but see behind them, beyond them. Beautiful work.

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