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F*ck The Applause

I love social media… but wanted to point out some flaws. Society feels broken… so F*ck the applause. Thumb Up Like Button key (more…)

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When you don’t fit in…


“Write about the issues that really upset you. Those are the only things worth writing about.”


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SUBLIMATION Interview with The Social Media Show

Thank you to The Social Media Show for the Interview! (more…)

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Birthday Perspective


Today is my birthday.

I have thought about it for years. I believe I was 14 (more…)

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I can pretend…

I’m rambling. This isn’t a poem or diary entry.

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The Afterlife & ‘Nothingness’

“What we call imagination is actually the universal library of what is real. You couldn’t imagine it if it weren’t real somewhere…” – Terence McKenna
Model: Khalilah Yasmin
Photographer: Marta McAdams Photography
Hair/MUA: Jonathan Seti Makeup Artist

That conceptual possibility is the most unsettling of them all. (more…)

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Unfamiliar Knowledge and Opinions

These are just my opinions, you don’t have to agree. But there is a way to disagree respectfully.

Unfamiliar knowledge only intimidates those who aren’t accepting the possibility of their belief systems being altered. (more…)

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