First off, I’m a Marvel fan. Super hero movies and themes are kind of my thing. Seeing a film at this production level featuring so many people of color as the STARS with skin like mine & hair like mine was a moment of inclusion.

Representation is so important. It’s something many never have to think about because they are already widely represented and not expected to alter their looks to Eurocentric standards.
Bad ass black women on screen in abundance without feeding into the ever so prevalent media stereotypes that are often portrayed.

I found myself getting choked up on that alone. Imagining the power of absolute equality across all mediums. People in power doing what’s right… *sigh*

Looking forward to more films with people of color, positive representation, and perhaps real life superheroes to see ourselves in.

I don’t give a fuck that it’s fiction. There was tons of truth addressed in Black Panther about Black History.

Honor your ancestors.

I wish there were a real Wakanda somewhere…
Maybe there is.

“The wise build bridges.
The fools build barriers.” – T’Challa

P.S. Chadwick Boseman is forever a babe. Those gentle eyes he has coupled with those regal cheekbones. *swoon*

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