BE Positive + A Play

A One Act Play

I wrote this for my creative writing class.


‘BE POSITIVE’ Written by Khalilah Yasmin Copyright 2015

Dad- Charles- Fifty-Five Years Old
Mom- Molly- Fifty-Five Years Old
Daughter- Sydney- Twenty-Five Years Old

Setting: Hospital room sits Charles and Molly on either corner of the bed where Sydney lay smiling as she stares at the i.v. in her arm.

Sydney: It really will be okay, Mom. I am not sure why you are so worried. I probably should stop drinking so much alcohol anyway. This is my fault but after the car crash things have really been put into perspective.

Molly: I know things will be okay, baby… I just, I’m your mother and I worry about you from time to time.

Charles: You’ve always been a trooper. Remember that time when your mother wanted you to go dress shopping with her for the weekend and you broke your hand skateboarding at the Chestnut ramp? You survived. You always survive. That’s why you’re my little trooper.

Sydney: Dad. I’m not little anymore but I will always be your trooper.

Sydney reaches out for Charles hands as they share an intimate father daughter moment on his side of her bed. Molly smiles at both and reaches in.

Molly: Have you instructed your team that you may not be returning to ride?

Sydney: No. I am still hopeful that they will be able to fix this situation and get me back on the dirt. Dirt bikes, skateboards, and danger are my life. This transplant isn’t going to hold me back from living. I cannot let that happen. Not ever.

Molly: I love your spirit so much. You have always been such a fighter. You’re my daughter and I find myself looking up to you because of your strength and endurance. I was never much of a tom boy as a child. My life back then consisted of dresses, ruffles, cashmere, and hair ribbons.

Charles: Yeah when I met you, you did not even own a pair of tennis shoes. Now you run every morning.

Molly: My parents had completely different beliefs than those we have instilled in our daughter, Charles.

Charles: And thank goodness for that. Health and fitness have always been important attributes in my family. I was worried that Sydney was much more into male sports than anything female but Sydney came out quite alright. I’m extremely proud of all the accomplishments, recognition, awards, trophies, and scholarships that have come due to her efforts, talents, and hard work. You’re an amazing person, Syd. Truly Amazing.

Sydney smiles and flexes her muscles towards her mother and father. Charles begins responding to a text message on his phone. Charles body language changes while reading the text. His body language goes from excited to awkward as he notices his daughter and wife staring at him. Sydney knows not to instigate anything because she doesn’t want to hurt her mother, so she looks off eventually.

Molly heads over to Charles’ side of Sydney’s bed and sits on his lap. Charles huffs.

Charles: What was wrong with your chair?
Molly: Nothing. I just decided to keep you company over here.
Charles: That really wasn’t necessary, Molly. You can go back now.

Molly removes herself from Charles lap. Charles stands and the two walk to the opposite side of the room.

Molly: Jesus Charles! Every time I try to show some affection to you, you treat me like the plague. Have I not been everything you wanted? I’m tired of feeling like second fiddle.

Charles: You’re being overly dramatic. This is not the time or the place for this.

Molly: Then what is the time? When will we go to this place? I want our marriage to work, Charles. Twenty Five years is a lot to throw away. I still love you.

Charles: MOLLY. NOT NOW.

The door slams behind Charles. A nurse peeks in to see about Sydney. The nurse checks Sydney’s vitals as Molly stares out of the window with a flushed face. The nurse exits and Charles re-enters the room with a lighter in his hand. Sydney remains indifferent to her parent’s discussions as if they are invisible objects in the room.

Molly: Do you love her, Charles?

Charles: Do I love who?

Molly: Do not play this game with me. Our daughter is in the hospital and you are parading your affair in my face as you flirt with your girlfriend on your cellular device right in front of me. How could you, Charles!?

Charles: You choose now to break down? Now? You crave attention so bad don’t you?

Molly: Only because you never gave me any of it. You’re always working late, on your computer, on your phone, or in an eleven o’clock pm business meeting with your comrades. Whatever, Charles.

Doctor and Nurse enter the room in the midst of the discussion. Everyone looks at Sydney for her reaction.

Doctor: Miss Winters, we have the results back from your donors. Your blood type match has been hard to come by. You are O Positive as you know. Your mother and father both submitted their blood as well to see if they would be a match.

Molly to Charles: You gave your blood too?
Charles: Yes. Of course. She’s my daughter. The only thing in this world that truly matters to me.

Doctor and Nurse awkwardly glance at one another.

Doctor: As I was saying. Your mother and father both submitted their blood to see if they would be a good match as this procedure requires one to be a perfect match.

Sydney: Okay. That’s great. I love you guys. Thank you so much. Which one of my parents is going to save my life?

Doctor: Well, your mother is B Positive. Your father; Charles is also B Positive.

Sydney: What? Wait… How are both my parents blood types B Positive if I am O?



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