’63 Minutes’ – Poem with Audio




’63 minutes’ Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2016

Frequently do I -believe that a love for me exists.

That somewhere beyond the broken heart is a new first kiss.

Seldom have I -experienced this,

genuine chemistry and undeniable connection,

throwing caution to his wind- without his protection.

Maybe if I -hadn’t looked into that direction,

been there at the same time and sat in his section,

then I wouldn’t yearn for him the way that I do,

but for 63 whole minutes I thought my wish had come true.

Crescent moon in the sky, red skirt on my hips

a stranger passed by with, “hello,” on his lips.

And never have I felt such immediate bliss,

Locked in his eyes, and their eternal abyss.

Melanin in the most beautiful shade I have ever seen,

My knees buckled weak and I started to lean.

My mouth steady silent as my insides they screamed.

Pleasantly haunted by his chocolate in all of my dreams.

Hopeless romantic, caught surprised & enamored at first sight,

Fallen for a stranger before I knew his name that night.

Seldom have I- experienced this,

Never have I -felt such immediate bliss.

Crescent moon in the sky, red skirt on my hips.

A stranger passed by with, “hello,” on his lips.



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