“Serenade”©2004 To serenade is to seduce with one’s voice; To seduce is to invite the mate of your choice. His lyrics were the voice of his serenade, His serenade was the invitation he made. His lips were slow and I was enchanted, Admired by mystery; his presence was magic. His fingers massaged the keys on […]

“Dark Light”

“Dark -Light” © Khalilah Yasmin 2008 Can somebody help me, out of the darkness, I found while I was looking for the light, It follows me, into sunshine, and wants me to die. I run but find you~ there, in every empty memory pretending like you care… It’s not fair,… The Darkness has a shadow […]


“Insanity” © Love is a violent rainstorm in hopes of a rainbow, it’s the darkness in search of light, the drought in trail of snow… Love is the empty room, in which companion is filled, it’s the resurrection of sanity, when all hope is killed. Love is belief, when surrounded by doubt, Love is the […]


“Forever” Khalilah~Yasmin © I refuse to allow myself to miss you forever, Knowing you and I were supposed to be together. forever, but you had a different plan You wanted to be everyone’s man. Forever. You didn’t want something real, Just somethings…someones…some hers to feel, For real?   Forever? Never! Love had me blinded, and I […]

“Bittersweet Lullaby”

“Bittersweet Lullaby..” © Khalilah Yasmin After all of the madness, the hurricanes of sadness, we bring our affair to an end. After all of the laughter,  all the love making, I thought I’d have a friend. …but I’m terribly lonely,  in an aching upset, loving you a heart wrenching regret,… After putting all I had […]


“Phonetically”© I’m not like you, and I ain’t gotta be, I may talk proper, and write “PHONETICALLY”. I love the whole Rainbow, so you call me an “oreo”? I wear the rainbow, multi colored soul if you didn’t know. I don’t fit in your box, or expectation of me, I may be a skater, poetess, […]