“Unicorn” © Khalilah~Yasmin

His name is “Temptation”; he wants me as his mistress,
he wants my scent to follow him & his boxers painted by my lipstick.

Temptation stands before me, and his red apple looks delicious,
he’s become my Genie,  and for me he’s promised a infinite wishes.
If only for my kisses and secret rendezvous of passion;
pretending untempted yet delight shivers imagining us thrashing.
Temptation; wrapped in a shiny package and topped with a bow,
I longed for your presence and now up you show.

Her name is “Beware”; for her eyes reveal she knows his plan,
She shakes my hand and knew before I did that I would crave her man.

Beware watches us with precise scorns in her deep brown eyes,
she pictures Temptation’s head between hers and then quenched thirst between MY thighs.
Beware imagines her and I sharing identical moments with Temptation,
She imagines if I were to fulfill him would he leave their situation?
Leaving her at home in solo masturbation?


Images of us naked together flash through the mind of Temptation,
Beware is aware, sees the same image, now also curious for a relation….

ship…with me …

For I am the Unicorn, Temptation wasn’t sure existed,
I’m in his memory as he foreshadows and psychically reminisces.

My name is “Forbidden”; for I am the fruit which stiffens his tree,
I beckon him by simply existing, TEMPTATION longs for me….
Forbidden and unaware he had room to feed an imagination,
as I now LUST for him too and EVERY “SIN-SATION”.

She wants to play with my apples, and also wants me as her mistress,
He wants my secret rendezvous and boxers painted with my lipstick.

Being the other woman, to a woman and a man,
infinitely playing with “Danger” in the palm of three hands.
Beware of Temptation and the Unicorn that’s Forbidden,
Fantasies become Nightmares when Agendas are Hidden…..   🙂

Sweet dreams….