Poem- “If. You. Let. Me”.

“If You Let Me”  Written By Khalilah-Yasmin © 2012

I don’t want to creep you out so I’ve been biting my tongue.
Insanely infatuated on accident,
I somehow am sprung.

Willing to wait for not only you but for an ‘us’,
Whether my intuition of your possibilities is life partner or if friend is only and a must.
But trust; that I’m willing to be In whichever capacity has an opening,
For me.
If you’re in the front pew, beside you is where I wish to be.

Not just for you but I wanna be there for me.
My soul is begging me to your union
Spiritually, Intimately, and Entirely;
Asking for respectful  permission,
And the chance to just be…
Beside you.  To know you. So that I may show you the vision I see.

I want to confide -In you.
You to confide in me.
I cannot compete with God but I will be everything those before me were not.
Your presence puts sense to every love battle I have reluctantly fought.

For within you I see a friend. A love with no end. A foundation abundant.
Your heart I will not break. I just want to love it.

If. You. Let. me.