Poem- “as·phyx·i·ate”

Photography by Francis George
Model Khalilah Yasmin
Make Up Artist Zee Clemente
Picture inspired Poetry…

Loved this shoot so much, it was time to create another aspect.
Khalilah_Zee_Net_Strangle_001 copy

“as·phyx·i·ate” Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2015

Falling in is easy but I haven’t yet mastered the escape.

Voluntarily submitting myself to severe emotional rape.

For my own sake- I need to break my own spell.

I envision and become addicted to a false heaven built inside of a very real hell.

Convinced I know myself well,
Using a mallet to break the chain.
My straightjacket awaits me as I sleep amongst the sane.

In a prison, I walked into knowing I would be trapped,
my captor laughed at my naiveté and at himself he clapped.

Seems I love poison when it’s disguised as healing,
This is the last time I’ll feel my heart peeling…

Layers of scar tissue, that should have built a wall,
instead allow in false suitors

reminding me not to love at all.

Laying down broken and almost left for dead,
somehow I rise again, as if I never bled.

I’m my own enemy, addicted to a false heaven
built inside of your very real hell,
I thought I did, but I don’t know myself very well.

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