Letters to the World; From the World.

“Perfection” ©


I wanted you to be my canvas,

I breathe art, philosophy, poetically …

And You wanted an ass to kiss, literally…

I want something deeper than something that wants to go deep IN me.
I want a connection, and nothing like what all the other men be
When they want the panties without the romancing,
The grinding without the perpetual dancing.

I want the fairy tale.
And I promise I will get it. I don’t believe in perfection, I believe we can split it.

‘Mr. Right’ may come before I am ready, ‘Mr Right Now’ is wrong-
‘Mr Happy Medium’ can have me.

Allow us to paint together and use one another’s brushes,
I want this to be stronger than any of my crushes

Ive lusted, and promise there’s a difference. To have love in the moment and love thats infinite,
A LIFE WITHIN IT By it I mean the air we breathe within each others kiss.
Upon one another lips not just another ass to kiss..

Because I see with the eyes that no one else can find,
I see within my soul, a girl like me, she sees with her mind.
While you think I’m blind and dumb witted, I’m paying attention and quick when I spit it
When I’m silent I’m observing the most,
And when Ive seized to exist, I don’t leave a ghost.

I want to be your lover, but your name is not Prince and I am not ‘cuming’
For you to know my screams in your psyche BEFORE I start humming

My theories may chase you away,

and though I don’t plan for forever,

I put a purpose to my today… so if you want to stay…

I’m sure within this subliminal only few will get it.

I don’t believe in perfection… but I believe we can split it.

7 comments on ““Perfection”

  1. I have a feeling that I need to keep reading this, each time finding something new.

    The line “…the air we breathe within each others kiss” still stops me. It captures that moment of physical and emotional heat when two people want to inhale each other, to connect that completely.

    Of course, if I read it tomorrow, it might mean something different. It’s always good to read your work. You always make me think.

  2. Thanks Will. This actually has about 20 hidden meanings in it last I counted. Okay maybe 11.

    Your critical thinking skills are excellent. I wish you were in this class I am currently taking.

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