Genetics Are Powerful

GENETICS ARE POWERFUL My biological father & family; The Eure’s are a family of creators and artists. Fun fact: my mother met my father when he had his own theater company as actor, writer, and director. And then tadow— I showed up. *giggles*   Harry Eure, along with his brother Darryl, started the Afro Academy […]

My Best Dress- Poem with Audio

“My Best Dress” Khalilah Yasmin Copyright 2016 The year was 1962. I liked to dance, you played the guitar. I smiled to myself and you smiled from afar. I had snuck out with my friends for the night to hear you play. Never told my Pa where I was going because of what he would […]

Spectacular Bride Magazine 2016

“It’s a beautiful night. We’re looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby… I think I wanna marry you.” – Bruno Mars     Shot for 2016 Spectacular Bride Magazine and Bridal Spectacular Photography by Photos By Larotonda & Images by Edi Hair and Make up by Hair’z Melinda Location: Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort […]

Erotica City- Rated MA

      *MATURE CONTENT WARNING * Audio available below. “ERotIca City” © Khalilah Yasmin  The strongest drug that exists for a human IS another human…. You have your needle lodged into my veins Self inflicted and committed I’m a hostage to your chains. GAINS… I recall no losses when my muscles are contracting. The plus to […]

Poem with audio- ‘THEY’

“They” Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2015 They. They’re all afraid. Afraid of what will happen if their heart gets laid. Out. Out of room for vulnerability so they hang on to life by forcing evil certainties. Instead, now love is treated like catching an STD They’d rather sleep with Monet, Michelle, AND Tiffany… Protecting their hearts […]


MASTERS OF PERCEPTION Social media is a fascinating tool. You can find opportunities, like minded people, and misunderstandings. You can share your truth without sharing everything. We’re all capable masters of perception. By choosing what to say, what to withhold, and when – you can create any reality you choose. As Aldous Huxley once stated, […]