Incipient with Audio

‘Incipient’ Copyright 2016 Straddling the line between friendship & love, I’m losing my balance. Ceremoniously, I’ve offered my heart wringing its blood in your chalice. Alice, I am- in a wonderland that I never considered before. Paralleling this world the entire time, yet I had never explored. Your lips and your eyes upon mine […]


“911” Khalilah Yasmin Copyright 2016 Self defense, 18 years later but not too late. Come near me & I promise that death is your fate. I refuse to be another sacrifice to Satan you made. If only the grim reaper was willing to make a fair trade. Praying to God as a resident from heaven […]

‘BLACK AMERICAN’ – with audio

  What is it like to be Black in America? Constantly being told that you’re not enough. Constantly being told you have to change some natural aspect of yourself to be even barely accepted. Guilty before proven innocent. Assumed not to have class or decency… because in the eyes of many, ‘Darker Skin’ is not […]

Seven Hundred and Fourteen

It’s been seven hundred and fourteen days since you went away. Delusional believing I hide it well, yet think about you every. day.   It’s been seven hundred and forty days since I last held you close. Some days I think I’m going crazy…. And can feel your ghost.   Beside me… as I write […]

Social Media. Don’t like it? Don’t look.

Social Media. Don’t like it? Don’t look.  © Khalilah Yasmin   Q: “Why do you take so many photos of yourself?” A: “Better question. Why do you care?” The internet can be a fun, social place. Social media with all of it’s varied platforms makes keeping up with friends, current events, and colleagues; often times […]

Smoke Filled Room- with audio

“Smoke Filled Room” Copyright 2016 Khalilah Yasmin I never asked for much, a genuine friendship was enough, But my feelings never mattered because, “I don’t do that stuff.” I chose to be a loyal friend without making you earn it. In turn you never appreciated it, you lit and you burned it. An opportunist in […]


Music is the one thing that transcends all boundaries. Rhythmic Love. Harmonic Romance. Music doesn’t care what color your skin is, how much money you make, or who you think you are. When music decides to move you… it will, whether you want it or not. And let’s be honest, we all are here to […]