“Let the Monster Out” © Khalilah-Yasmin

Dear Young Woman, beautiful in and out,
forgot what TRUE LOVE was all about…
He hurt you, thru his screams, and sometimes he’d shout.
He’d slam the doors, with accusations all about.
Starting arguments with you  just so he could cheat,
While you waited at home, with no food to eat.
Within just a few months, your face now looks old,
though tears have dried, your heart growing cold.

Dear Young Woman, Please don’t weep,
I pray that tonight you will get some sleep.
I hope tonight he doesn’t come,
and threaten you with one in the chamber from his gun.
Though you have tried many times to leave,
you’re losing hope and no longer believe.
Though you didn’t do the harm, you got the black eyes
Though you told the truth, you were served a dish of lies
Now looking in the mirror at someone you don’t recognize,
because he tore you down mentally, and constantly criticized.

Dear Young Woman, He’s gone out of your life,
but you miss this monster, whom in your heart, left a knife.
Please my sweet, as I pray for your heart,
Keep it guarded so you don’t fall apart.
Don’t envy the next woman you see him entertain,
He wouldn’t do you right, so you’ll be another’s gain.

Dear Young Woman, beautiful, smart and full of love,
Hold your head high, and you’ll get all you dream of.
He hurt you thru his screams, and sometimes he’d shout
Love does not hurt, or break you, Let that Monster OUT.

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