“KARMA” Written By Khalilah Yasmin

You’re a born asshole and I fuckin hate you,
I wish 8, 9, 10, niggas would hold you down and rape you.
Then cut you, …and pour gasoline in all your orifices
This once sweet girl has now gone thru metamorphosis
I’m bad now, I’m evil, and I wish A MUTHA Would-
go toe to toe with you now, I betchu I could.
I sent your ass roses, and never got a damned flower,
licked you in secret places, and got wild in the shower.

BUT FOR WHAT?  For you to be ungrateful, and throw at me SHIT,
My Good Karma did me no good, if this is what I get.
Got me in the grocery store on the phone swearing,
had me in the hospital dehydrated, that’s how much I was caring,
crying myself to sleep, lack of food and didn’t want to eat.
You were the wolf when I was the sheep!
You made me think you loved me, I fell for that shit
My good Karma did me no good, if YOU were what I’d get.
As the gasoline burns thru your orifices, and your insides are swole
I throw my lit blunt, cheers to you, fuckin ASSHOLE!

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