“Infinite Lust”

You’ve got me on a plateau that I’ve never thought I could reachyou’re adding to my lyrics yet stuttering my speech,

I want to allow you to teach, me, the art of seduction,

I’m at witness to your protection but I crave an abduction,

an orgasmic eruption, as you walk into view,

I want to fuck, taste, tease every brown inch of sweet you….

Willing to be used for your pleasure at depths you’ve never peaked,

Craving every erotic fantasy, every arousal, every leak.

Talk dirty to me, let me be-your porn star, your every wish

Like you were a wet dream, I cream with each kiss…..

Take advantage of my virgined moment of infinite lust,

the descriptive memory of you sends my loins thru a rush.

My mind and body in a blush, I feen for your touch,

Curious how one had made the sober into a lush.

You’re the Heroin, the Cocaine of the dicks that I’ve fucked,

I’m addicted to your body, my hormones have ran muck.

I want to fuck, taste and tease every sweet inch of you,

an orgasmic eruption, as you walk into view.

An lust like no other, I’m at your dispose,

my mind had no choice, My body has chose.