“Immaculately Infatuated”

“Immaculately Infatuated” Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2008

Dear You,

I’ve something I’ve tried many times to say, I’ve a confession of desire I’ve kept locked away.

I look in your eyes and I no longer can breathe,

I’m intensely afraid of leaving my feelings deceived.

You try hard to look at me, and I have looked away.

Afraid of your eyes, your heart and the words it may say.

Yet desperately wanting you to see what I see,

I just want the butterflies to fly away free.

Fear of you running from what you see in my eyes,

Fear that timing is wrong, or that all men are lies.

Out of everyone in my life, that wants to be close,

I can’t concentrate, because I want you the most.

After all of the weeds, and dirt, I’ve found a rose,

I Crave you so much, and just want to be chose.

Dear You, I want nothing in return, just want you to be near me

But I offer you my infatuation,

with regards Sincerely.


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