“Cruise” Written By Khalilah-Yasmin

Reminiscent; of a moment only you can enable me to relive,
Encrypted; yet unlocked the ‘Davinci Code’ in my heart so that I would let you live.
And you do… As if it was restructured with new cells to be powered by you.
A new shape, a new hue, your presence alone has me moved.
Outside and beside of myself; my smiling reflection confused,
Because we’re afraid of being misused, you’re un-accused.
My heart beats your rhythm; my soul sings your blues.
There’s no other YOUS, nothing even close,
You’ve been in my life for three months but I FEEL you the most.
Questioning destiny’s possibilities as I raise to a toast,
A new me has emerged; should I hold back or am I supposed—-
To. Love. You.

A chemistry I’m sure I won’t find anywhere else,
When you’re inside of me; I’m inside of myself.
You’re the fire to my fire, the water to my well,
I’m standing on two feet while flying, yet I know that I fell.

This is just a promise to love you with only this moment’s expectation,
A love letter in song; with no return address,
Just a “For Your Information”.

My heart beats your rhythm; my soul sings your blues,
You’re the smoke to my blunt; and I just want to ‘Cruise’…

4 comments on ““Cruise”

  1. Sweet stuff. Confused by the “been in my life three months” line, tho. Doesn’t resonate like in other places. That “love with this moment’s expectation” was cool.

  2. loved the universality. word juxtapositions command in places. i love love as much as the next soul, but this plays like u defining yourself by him. i wanted more. tighter. deeper under this u got something. keep puttin it out there.

  3. @ Henry- Thanks. No I did not do artwork. It’s from an anonymous source.

    @Marcus- 🙂

    @Lisa- Thanks. I appreciate the feedback. It’s an older piece. Not necessarily my feelings, just a poem based off of a thought and combination of images and situations I have seen. Poetic license not always pertains to the writer. Just writing. But as always, I like the feedback.

    My own life is too personal to share. 🙂

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