“Because?” ©Khalilah Yasmin 2008
Just because I’m beautiful doesn’t mean I’ll keep YOUR attention.
and maybe I say things that are interesting, but nothing you want me to mention.
Just because I think with my heart and have an open mind…
doesn’t mean when I’m lost, you will come to find…
Me, Just because you think I’m stupid, doesn’t mean that you’re right,
just because you showed up, doesn’t mean I’ll wait up tonight.

And Maybe, I’m not perfect, like you remind me, they all were,
Just because I’m here, doesn’t mean you’ve rid your heart of her…
And them, but the moment I saw YOU I let go of him,
and every memory before you- desperately wanting to earn you love just because I adore you-

Just because you did everything before me, I am neglected,
My heart open naked, I crowned you an angel before I was protected.

Just because I’m gifted, pretty and smart,
I’ve learned doesn’t guarantee me the keys to your heart.
Because I’ve found in the words and sharp stabs that you take,
that just maybe I tremble, when I was supposed to shake.
I only jumped 3 feet, and you were looking for four,
I was good enough for Most, but you constantly seek out much more.
Just because I’m not perfect, like you tell me they all were,
Maybe, you just don’t love me, because I’m not her.