“Bass to Soprano”

“From Bass to Soprano” Copyright 2004

From My Published Book “Esoteric Calligraphy-The Art Of Beautiful Writing, Understood only by Few”

I steadily watched as he musically played,

I followed his lips as he stood on the stage.

I know he read my mind, when he saw my eyes

my momentary composure I had to compromise.

As he slid his fingers gently across each key;

My subconscious mind asked him,

“would u do that to me?”

Would U, could u, would that be wrong,

can U please let my body write u a song?

Would u put your lips in places that I cannot reach,

Would u make your tongue flutter, and stutter my speech?


I sat in the crowd, “I tried” not to stare,

but I couldn’t help but imagine him bare,

stark naked, with none of his clothes,

I wanted to be the note that he hit

And the brass that he blows.

I wanted to touch his chest and lay in his bed,

I need him to whisper to my thighs and me to grab his head.

I’d like him to move me with his creative precision,

Take me from BASS to Soprano with just one incision!




One thought on ““Bass to Soprano”

  1. You ever see “Young Frankenstein?” Relates to this poem very well. Great titular concept and execution.

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