Poem with audio-Details

‘Details’ KhalilahYasmin.com 2015 In detail. Every crevice. Each muscle before it contracted. I feel. My imagination can bring you back from the dead and For a millisecond that moment is real. In detail, I can see your smile wash over the room without the intent to wake me. As you watched me sleep. Now; into […]

‘Entertaining a Shadow’- BOOK PREVIEW

Psych Thriller by Khalilah Yasmin A tale of serendipity & misfortune; chiseled by a mind fuck that you won’t see coming.   Entertaining A Shadow Written By Khalilah-Yasmin ©COPYRIGHT 2017 ENTERTAINING A SHADOW FACEBOOK PAGE CHAPTER: 8 BALL I can hear the loud buzz of the helicopters above searching for my body. If you’re reading […]