Messages that INSPIRE Me

Wanted to share these messages that inspire me with you… if you’re watching and open to listen. Thoughts Create Things…  

The Brain and Human Memory.. Poem- “Remember”

  “Remember” Copyright Khalilah Yasmin 2014 What if our souls collected souls of souls we have been?  

This Screenplay called “Life”…

Yes. I write. I get paid for it since that is what today’s society determines value by. I don’t. Also, SUPER GRATEFUL to do modeling, acting, and some REALLY FUN special events; Billboard Awards, Poker Tournaments,  

Psychological Thriller; Untitled Novel

Venting. Writing. Talking to Self Publicly. Anyone can call themselves a writer. I’m not special in that regard. Just like you reading these words, if you can read, then you can write something with your imagination and that of borrowed muses between this world and the next.